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When Injection Molding Automation in Action...


When Injection Molding Automation in Action...

A fantastic week of accolades when TIAE and TPRIS 2019 took place

  July, 2019 Issue of HI-MORE eNewsletter


As described by the attention grabber you viewd on the previous page, saying HI-MORE was a conspicuous and influential exhibitor on the showground was not overstated, given that its booth was continuously crowded by interested visitors in each of the shows’ five-day run, while its robotic arms were kept operational in the booths held by other exhibitors, literally a couple of leading Taiwanese plastic injection molding machine builders. At this point, you may be wondering why this brand’s robotic arms and automation solutions were so incredibly popular that its name could be seen almost everywhere in the venue.


Well, the following sums up the feedback regarding HI-MORE from high-profile exhibitors with business connections with this brand, as we believe that when you are looking for reliable, useful information to assess quality of a potential supplier, such testimonials are absolutely a potent source that you can’t overlook.

Victor Taichung: Trust in HI-MORE's R&D and Tech Capailities

Among the best-known exhibitor at the venue was perhaps Victor Taichung (click on the link above). The exhibitor focused on promotion of its third-generation full electric plastic injection molding machine models, namely VαIII and VαII series.

Big hits in the shows, VαIII and VαII are particularly noted for innovative design and outstanding performance, which have been seen as the merits stemming from the company’s industry-leading technologies and R&D capabilities. Lin stressed that they are built with two-shot injection technology and available with six different clamping force values ranging 50 to 230 tonnes, as well as fitted with HI-MORE’s robots arms to facilitate take-out, stacking and packaging processes.

In fact, many industry insiders absent from the trade fairs have generally shown intense interest in what benefits HI-MORE’s robotic arms, or an automation solution, can bring to Victor Taichung in the process for the development and promotion of the advanced VαIII and VαII full electric injection molding machines.

“We have worked closely with Hi-More for over 20 years,” said Sun Lin, assistant manager of Victor Taichung Machinery. “As many of our customers also prefer HI-MORE’s products, we hence decided to add HI-MORE’s robot arms to our machines as part of our promotion program for this year’s exhibition.” 

Lin mentioned that as robotic arms are a fundamental part of smart factory and industrial automation, plastic injection molding companies generally agree that quality and technologies applied outweigh other characteristics when choosing an ideal robot arm model from others to automate their back-end production. In this logic, Lin continued, HI-MORE is a great fit for Victor Taichung’s marketing team.

“Hi-More have left us a very good impression with its R&D capability and innovative technologies it applies in its robots, which make it stand out from the rest in the line,” emphasized Lin. “Hi-More’s devotion to continuous improvements on the concepts from basic automation to Industries 4.0 is particularly impressive to us, and it enables it to address customer’s demands with high-speed, high-efficiency robot arms developed from its remarkable prowess and accumulated expertise.”  


Lien Fa: Only Hi-More’s Robots Meet Our Demand for Speedy Operation

“Cooperation between Lien Fa and Hi-More has continued for around 10 years, and it’s our pleasure to introduce Hi-More to our customers,” stated P.Y. Chiang, manager of the sales department in Lien Fa Injection Machinery Co., Ltd. “I highly value Hi-More’s outstanding flexibility and professionalism, which have helped us to make things better, including our exhibition during the trade fairs.”

Lien Fa is a dedicated maker of completely customized plastic injection molding machines, and has been well recognized by buyers from North America and Germany. With help of Hi-More, the company can offer to customers truly needed machine models bundled with flexible, timely services, and provide whole-plant equipment and turnkey solutions for different purposes overseas.

The merits of Hi-More that gains traction with Lien Fa can boil down to the speed of its robot arms. Chiang stated, “While Hi-More boasts outstanding professionalism and considerate service to be widely deemed as a top-tier brand among our peers, we tend to give it credit for the high speed of its robots, as only its can meet our demand for speedy, synchronized operation with our injection molding machines.” 

For example, Chiang said, Lien Fa used to plan on the exhibition of a plastic cup making machine at the show a few years ago, and found no robotic arm could be fitted to this machine but Hi-More’s, given that a production cycle on the machine took only 4 seconds. She went on to say, “We were very impressive with the incredible performance offered by Hi-More’s robots.”

Lien Fa: HI-MORE’s Robots Meet Strict Requirements for Speedy and Repated Operations

Reinvested by the Taiwan-based FFG Group, world’s leading machine tool conglomerate, Laviann Technology Co., Ltd. is a burgeoning supplier in the plastic injection molding machine industry, whose product mix comprises only all-electric models. Y.S. Liu, Laviann’s general manager, emphasized that his company’s machines are noted for being built with a unique power regeneration system, and without the use of braking resistors, hence offering up to 80% less power consumption than conventional hydraulic models. Plus, its machines are comparatively price-competitive, thanks to nearly 90% of Laviann machine’s parts and key components being sourced from local suppliers.

Understanding that automation is an unstoppable trend in industry, Liu stated, “Our all-electric injection molding machines delivered to customers mostly come with robotic arms, and HI-MORE is the source of Laviann’s choice for the moment.”

One of Hi-More robot arm’s significant features that strike Liu is the high levels of accuracy and repeatability of the positioning, both of which have been verified in the real world. “When assessing quality of a robot arm used to move workpiece, you should contemplate two criteria: one is the speed, and the other is the positioning accuracy plus repeatability,” explained the general manager, adding, “Hi-More’s robot arms can continue working around the clock, or even stay operational for a long period of three months but without causing any distance errors or failing to take workpiece out of the injection molding machine during operation.”

Liu feels that Hi-More’s robot arms outperform competing models in terms of speed, lightweight, and, particularly, positioning accuracy and repeatability, which can be owed partly to the effective utilization of servo motors. “Repeatability and positioning accuracy are so important things that every manufacturer must take those into account when working on industrial automation,” he stressed. “And we found only Hi-More’s robot arms meet our strict requirements.”

The Newly Released ST Series "Lightweight" Robotic Arm

Among Hi-More’s robot arm models, earning Laviann general manager’s greatest praise is ST series, which is the newly released this year and turned head at the trade fairs.


Nick Sun, manager of Hi-More’s sales department, introduced that ST series robot arms are all developed for use in plastic injection molding, and highlighted with its new structural design, which makes for long arm length, light weight and high rigidity. Sun added, its dexterity and accuracy of the movements, including motion between molds, both can satisfy customers’ demand.


To ensure quality and stability, Hi-More not just applies Japan-made high-quality servo motors in the ST series, but invests considerable effort in production and inspection in house. 


“ST series are all assembled in accordance with stringent SOP, and then undergo testing—continuously gripping workpieces for three to six hours and carrying load with a 3-to-5-kilogram jig,” said Sun. “Only those passing the tests can be shipped to customers after all.


 HI-MORE Insight: Can Automation Solution Always Fit Customer’s Needs.......?


At TIAE & TPRIS 2019, Hi-More held a three-side open booth themed “Bai-Bien (meaning “changeable” in English)” with a simulated, fully automatic back-end part of a plastic injection molding line, which was composed of the brand’s various individual robots and systems, including STIII-600 and a multi-angle high-efficiency automatic cutter. So, what ideas was Hi-More intending to convey to visitors at that time?

The president Vic Chen said, Hi-More would like to deliver to clients an impactful message that his company is not just a robot arm maker, but a customer-centric automation brand backed by unorthodox R&D capabilities and time-proven technologies. 

In other words, Chen continued, it capably redesigns and modularizes its products into newer ones to adapt itself to customer needs at all times, and then offers truly affordable, effective automation solutions in the form of either a whole system or an individual machine as requested, so as to better help them address problems getting in their way to automation. 

With decades-long experience in customer development, J.T. Hsu, Hi-More’s sales representative in central Taiwan, also shared his views on the theme “Bai-Bien”, saying that Hi-More always works and thinks out of the box to keep ahead of the competition, as manifested by the brand’s plan implemented in response to ever-changing market demands to redesign and improve all its control systems several years ago, in an effort to make sure its machines and solutions could suit different conditions and ensure customers improved performance..

“Thanks to the long-sighted strategy, we can always live up to customers’ expectations for now,” stated Hsu based on feedback from Victor Taichung, Lien Fa and other clients he serves. “We are able to adapt swiftly to different requirements and provide corresponding products and services as demanded. So, what does the theme Bai-Bien suggest? It suggests Hi-More’s automation equipment and solutions can change whenever necessary to fit clients’ needs.”

To conclude, Chen emphasized, “We look forward to nurturing and sustaining customer relationships based on mutual trust,” the president concluded. “To achieve automation as needed, our customers can depend heavily on Hi-More and without being distracted from their business operations.” 


iMonster's Digest


HI-MORE has been going through a very special year in 2019, as reflected in its participation in TIAE 2019 & TPRIS 2019, at which it tried on different things and made some changes that every of its staff hasn't ever imaginated.

Firstly, Hi-More gave a makeover to all its products by adding new, distinguishing brand images plus a bright, noticeable blue color, which proved to be effective in capturing attention from both old and new customers on the showground. Furthermore, it also created the theme of “Bai-Bien” for its booth decoration by utilizing two Chinese words shown in a calligraphy font along with a bold and rich chromatic arrangement for the partition wall to result in a riotous profusion of colors, which combine to suggest Hi-More is as good as a chameleon at adapting to changing.  

Moreover, the conspicuous ST series robot arms displayed was worth mentioning. A friendly unit price besides, the newest single-stage model can connect to the brand’s independently developed smart control system to synchronize through IoT with a multi-angle high-efficiency cutter and a stacking and conveying system to automate back-end production processes of plastic injection molding. Plus, a vertically articulated robot showcased by Hi-More features highly agile non-linear movements, perfect for use in a confined space.


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