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Robotics & Automation – the Cornerstone of Manufacturing Industry in Post Coronavirus World


What Holds SMEs Back from Robotics and Automation?
      HI-MORE eNewsletter, June. 2020 Issue
A Black Swan, the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has severely hammered the global economy in 2020 from aspects of city lockdowns and supply chain disruption across the world. But, it has also accelerated the rise of robotics and automation in manufacturing industry.


Ray of Hope in Manufacturers’ Way to Production Resumption


In response to COVID-19 outbreaks having been moderating, China, the U.S., EU and lots of countries have eased epidemic restrictions, to consider reopening markets and encourage manufacturing sectors to resume production.

To business owners, however, restarting production can be risky and difficult, given the contagious coronavirus that has changed the way people live and is very likely to come back elsewhere. In this scenario, robotics and automation have therefore come out as a ray of hope in manufacturers’ way to resume production.



Why Are They Resorting to Robotics and Automation?


The COVID-19 epidemic has taught CEOs worldwide a lesson that even the most advanced factories that rely on people to run can not be immune to a tiny infectious virus—but unmanned ones can. 

For now, ever more large-sized international enterprises that are eager to resume operations in factories with strong focus on risk diversification have been resorting to robotics and automation systems. To them, such equipment can generate considerable benefits in aspects of management and operating efficiency, to turn out to be low-risk investments in a post coronavirus world.



Insights from HI-MORE:

Flexible and High-efficiency Automation Solutions Turn Head
Times when manufacturers depend on conventional manpower have changed. With robotic and automation solutions by HI-MORE, traditional makers will be more likely to keep in good shape in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.  

Nowadays, HI-MORE grabs a local market share of nearly 60% and enjoys a high reputation overseas. The achievements are attributable mainly to its robotics and automation systems that are optimally engineered to meet different purposes, and have proven to be effective in enhancing qualitative consistency, production efficiency, as well as shortening lead time and maximizing return on investments. 

Furthermore, HI-MORE’s robotic and automation solutions also enable traditional manufacturers to better adjust overall output to optimal levels according to seasonal factors and orders received. With HI-MORE’s robotics and automation systems, customers can easily ride on market trends for human-robot collaboration in traditional manufacturing. 


iMonster’s Digest ~ 

HI-MORE Aspires to Stand by Customers All the Time in Post Coronavirus Era

We must emphasize COVID-19 has brought to the human society the most dramatic changes ever seen since the World War II. In light of the pandemic, Oxford Economics projects the global economy in 2020 to shrink 1.3% year-on-year, equivalent a loss of US$1.1 trillion. Also, Forrester warns our world will have to be subject to a tremendous economic loss of US$4 trillion, which doesn’t include the tragedy of numerous lives passing away. 

In a post coronavirus era, people will have to adapt to new lifestyles, while manufacturers will have to figure out new ways to survive the current impacts and develop susintably later. Driven by his commitment to altruism, Vic Chen of HI-MORE president reiterated the company’s resolution to give all customers a hand to walk out of hard times, saying “I have been looking for partners to bring to reality truly practical and useful robotic & automation systems that traditional manufacturers look forward to. I would like to create a collective atmosphere throughout the industry and help every insider to move upward to a new horizon.”

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